win 10 problems

got Win 10 last week
now using the new EDGE internet

today I tried to use the top header for help
and use the contact site support
and it looks like it is running and keep running but not results!

anyone has seen this problem ?

or is it temporary only ?

also can we upload in thread some obj files ?

now I got an App on win10 that can open up obj file like sketchfab
and I can rotate image in this image viewer App

which is nice to have

happy bl

This should launch your email client to send an email. If it doesn’t then it’s likely that you haven’t configured a default email client for the browser.

well it seems to begin to go to the address
but then nothing happen !

any idea where this can be change ?
is it in forum page set up or OS ?

happy bl

I’m not using Windows 10, so I can’t say for sure, but this would be a browser setting (which email client to use when clicking on a mailto: link). It’s not something you set up with the website. You’ll get the same result when clicking on any email address link.

well I can click on any Email address in PM message for instance
or in thread and it works fine

but not from the top header of forum page

so wondering why that one is not working as it was before under IE11

I think the new EDGE does not use anymore the instant message
this has all been change to use the new Skype
this has been change not long ago on MS OS

may be this is why it does not work on win 10 with EDGE!

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Regardless, this is an issue with your browser configuration, not the forum.

The other links in that menu work, correct?

it is the only one not working up to now!

still suspect that the instant messaging does not work anymore !


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Unless email has been migrated to Skype (it hasn’t), that’s not related to the issue you’re having.

you got the idea
if the Call was for old instant mess

it does not exist anymore it has to go to skype First then it will work !

anyway hope other people who have win 10 will test that and comments

happy bl

Just experimenting with Win 10 on a spare notebook and I don’t see any issues with “mailto” links and Edge: Those links are opened with the same app as before on Win 7 (Thunderbird in my case). I don’t see how opening a “mailto” link in Skype would make any sense…

Weird, though, that Edge doesn’t seem to have a corresponding setting in its (advanced) preferences. So, Microsoft, how do you manually change what app is used to open “mailto” links? Just by defining the standard email client? Have to check that.

BTW, if anyone considers trying out Win 10: Make sure you don’t blindly choose “Express Setup” after the installation, as that will enable all of Win 10’s inbuilt spyware functions, Wi-Fi sharing, auto-connecting to open hotspots and other nasty things without even informing you.