Win 7

is there nowhere to download win 7 old service packs?
Im not concerned with security updates.
I reinstalled win 7 on an old computer and want to keep it.

The only thing I can suggest is to do a Google search for Windows 7 service packs. The computer I’m currently using initially had Windows 7 (I’ve seen it in action when an elder at the church was showing it to me) and an elder of the church upgraded it to Windows 10. The only thing I had to do was download and install all the software that I use. Now programs like Blender, Maya, and 3ds Max are getting too powerful for it and I want to get a new computer (I’m planning on putting it together myself).

Thanks. I could not find the service packs, all sites linked back to Microsoft. I thought “no longer support” meant no new updates. I think they tossed out the old updates to make us pay for win 10.
It for my cnc computer. I’m stuck in the past. I did not update blender from 2.49 to 2.69 and I’m still in 2.69 because i can not find anything in the new and it was the same for win 10. Just like my wife never satisfied with where thing are and has to move them for who-know_why.

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I would suggest to try Linux. This days Blender almost on every distro. Linux Mint Cinnamon edition will suit you best as a windows user.

Windows 10 should run everything windows 7 did and can be downloaded and used forever for free from Microsoft. All that happens is you have a black background and a little message in the corner saying this copy is unregistered.