Win32.exe was in the blender portable zip 293.7 LTS Norton Removed it

Anyone know anything about the file win32.exe it was in the 293.7 LTS portable zip, and Norton removed it when I extracted the file. Do we have the option of using a hash tag when downloading files from ?
The tags for the file I downloaded is

Algorithm : SHA1
Hash : 9583474CB799103C476DB12C3454FDC54FD6145B
Algorithm : SHA256
Hash : B5F3E88E4DC093399F8A92E40F085154C66D501362147FC3A67556684EF17949

Algorithm : SHA384
Hash : 944CA69F23880087EC5CFD83B5954FD8D2E78030F8DAFA5377B772914B3B960D4711873D54B1880647953C5BA2AF940E
Path \

Algorithm : SHA512
Hash : C674DD61C5258BDDBFE1AFC9A68ED57BAA6F4866614D92DFA7DBCB44BAD9287EF901F1ACD647199436E0C41F9E804C420F77FF7130A

Hash : 9A60370038832E83

Algorithm : MD5
Hash : C8C4526B0372A40CF2FBC02F440C0A0D

Algorithm : RIPEMD160
Hash : E0A411EB0A85078CDAD1D4CEDA891DF318C2269D

It’s most likely nothing. Keep in mind that companies like Norton profit from your paranoia. Modern operating systems and web browsers are extremely safe as long as you don’t deliberately run programs from unofficial/shady sources. Windows Defender is a really good alternative which won’t annoy you with false positives, because Microsoft actually has reasons to care about your trust in the product.

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