Wind in boat sails

how do i make a sail billow using wind?
wind in sails.blend (3.6 MB)
ages ago i made a flag work.
i need it so the boats sail billow and when it change direction to go the opposite way the sails billow accordingly.
i use 2.69.
thanks all

Image from Gyazo
Hi your question remembered me about the Hooks feature wich I wanted to try. I discovered that you need to play with the custom curve fallof in the Hook modifier and also with vertex weights if you want to have them fixed on the edges. There is a displacement modifier with coordinates set to object to drive the position of a noise texture. I used 2.9 but I supose the principles didn’t changed that much.

i do not know enough to understand.
but thank you for your help.

i will stop making this item

Heres a general howto.
After you add Wind, youll have to keyframe it for the different directions you want it to blow.