wind tunnel

hi every one
i have seen some really cool videos on this website
The smoke stuff at the bottm of the page is what i would like to do in a wind tunnel for my car models,
But this is done in a diffrent program
so does anyone now how to do that.
thanks Ionee

Maybe this> True Volumetrics for Blender
It hasn`t been released yet though

is it posibble in 2.47

For the volumetrics you would have to compile the code yourself.

I would recommend particals using your car as a collision object and a wind force for movement.

If you’re on Windows, you can grab my build here:

I try to update it every time a new feature comes out, which is about every day or two. (Those guys are fast!) :slight_smile:

If you’re on Mac, Tkroo has provided an up-to-date build here:

Edit: On a side note, this guy’s work is amazing… Just incredible.

It is possible to get a similar effect anyways.
I would agree with Manti, particles are the way to go on this one,
or possibly a fluid simulation.

but fluids are not the same as smoke
i will try the particals though.

@ionee: Smoke simulations are done via very complex fluid algorithms(Maya’s simulator is called fluidFX for this reason).

is it easy to get then

A fluid is either a gas or a liquid.
Smoke is a gas with solid particles suspended in it.
At the mo’, working with particles might be your best bet.

if i were doing this, I personaly would use particles and curves to get the effect.

so what shall i do then?
and is there a tutorial on it