wind turbine

i’ve taken a little recess from my personal project, and made this. I tried it and a few others for an istockphoto app that was denied, so I figured I’d share. I think it looks pretty good, but what else should I add to the scene, other than a good sky background?

what do you think of the texture?

Looks awfully close to this
Yeah I read popsci, don’t judge me.

I’d say decrease the lines in your texture that indicated that metal has been bolted or welded together The more inconsistencies in metal such as small bulges or gaps made by bolting,or being welded then sanded would make the turbine less aerodynamic, which is why the turbine in the image above has less of those lines in the turbine.

Also the head of your turbine, the part the looks like the end of a missle looks welded to the stationary portion of the turbine or barely scraping it,so I don’t believe it would make a pleasent sound the moment it turns. Not much else to crit about.

And a bit of bump map on the panel edges would help too.

I don’t think I’d add anything to it: the sky could quite-plausibly be cloudless, and you apparently already have a reasonable gradient in there.

The one thing I’d look at is that the front edge of the turbine-housing is beginning to “melt into” the sky. I dunno… stick a fictitious brand-name label on that surface or something. Maybe a couple of racing-stripes. Just to set-off that area a little bit.

It’s good, now. :slight_smile: Don’t f**k with it too much.

where the middle part of the turbine meets the stationary part looks too close together

I’m sorry, this is one of the sweetest images I’ve seen. Love the lines, the colors, the lighting, everything about it. It feels very spacious and large, and the lighting is very calming. This is something that I would want in my animation. Maybe, just maybe consider this done. ( I’m no Blender expert though.) This is great art.

Looking good
Reminds me of something out of Mirrors Edge.

She looks like she wants to go -give her a spin

Your images are impressive!

Now to the details: the shadows on the blades suggest that the leading edge of the blade is really fat, which would be unrealistic. I suggest adding more ambient light to soften the shadows.

looks really good ,i like the texturing but IMO the lines needs to be little darker …other then that …only the generator looks quite cubish and indetailed .

The metal appears too flat. perhaps some reflections?