Wind-Up Robot

I’ll admit it: I like robots. Here’s a toy wind-up one, ready to invade a lego town.

whirrrrr. I think maybe he’s 1950’s era.

Reminds me of the robot from Dr Who for some reason. Looks pretty good, I especially like the reflection of its arm on the body. The material for the wind-up key and its feet look a bit weird and the dome could probably be rounder. Is the body meant to be polished wood?

No, it’s supposed to be bronze/copper-ish. It looks like wood because the lines are reflecting on it. Maybe if it was a bit more orange.

Hey another robot head!

Nice work, might want to try a very small halo spot light pointing at the camera to get a little “glow” on those red eyes.


I improved the materials, now he doesn’t look so much like he’s made of mahogany:
I also used subsurf on his clear dome.

Nice concept :slight_smile: maybe you could put some subsurf on the arms (those sphere’s are a bit hard)


Looks like some inconsistent lighting there. I see that there must be a light behind the camera but I see no corresponding shadow. Also, the shadow that is being cast behind the robot is nearly opaque. “Black space” in a photo is nearly as bad as “dead air” on the radio. This is a nice model but poorly lit.