hi everybody

in this pic all cube are rigid body
i want to wind affect on some cube not all
but when play all cube are the same like this

source file:

You could turn the ones you want to move into active rigid bodies and leave the others either passive not nor rigid bodies at all

If you need all the cubes to have rigid body physics you can put the cubes that respond to the wind on a separate layer together with the wind force field. The wind will then only affect those cubes but rigid body reactions between all cubes will remain.

a big problem when cube collision nothing happen because on 2 different layers:spin:
i need some cube collision because some cube(have rigid body and wind)

Are you sure, have you tried a recent build of Blender. In the attached blend file the green cube and the wind force are on a different layer from the red cubes and the plane. All cubes are active rigid bodies and the plane is passive. If you run the simulation only the green cube is affected by the wind but all cubes interact with each other and the plane.

wind.blend (559 KB)

okey thanks alank
and how can add different mass to objects
in rigid body tools we have some preset
if use preset mass auto calculate but in custom all get same mass!!!

You can change the mass here.

if objects more than 100 objects what can do?