Here we are with a new project: Windmill ! :grinning:
Let’s start modeling…
If you have any advice or suggestions, I’d really like to hear your comments! :upside_down_face:

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Added roof and the door…

I added the blades and gave them a bit of distortion using the lattice modifier. :upside_down_face:

Ok, I added the leverage arm behind and more details to the blades. I think I’m ready for texturing! :upside_down_face:

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Nicely done! Great work on the roof and the pales!

Texturing work started! :grinning:
This is EEVEE viewport.
Do you have suggestions about the details of the environment I should include into the scene?

Great work mate :slight_smile: It could be fun to add a big old barn behind the windmill, just to add that farm effect without too much work (like a big cube too big to see it all ahahha). Also a fence could really help the picture. The windmill is really really good by itself.
Did you try geometry nodes to create the field?

Thank you Andrea for your suggestions! Really appreciated!
I have to keep in mind that the leverage arm behind the mill must be free to rotate around it to orientate the blades, so I can’t insert fixed elements near the structure. So, probably I can’t add the barn, but I think adding the fence is a good idea! Thank you! :+1: :grinning:

Added more imprefections and some stone. This is Cycles viewport. :upside_down_face:

Added an old wooden cart loaded with sacks of wheat. Hope you like it! :upside_down_face:
Cycles viewport.

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Here we are with some new update .
I fixed some details and added the pitchfork, the fence, a few sacks and tufts of grass here and there.
We are almost there! Now I need vegetation and some few other small details … :upside_down_face:

WOW! I like it very mush!
I made one too. It is free.

You can use it as inspiration as you wish.

few suggestions and constructive criticism,
The legs of the windmill are not symmetrical, move the tiles out of symmetry look at refrence images.
Put the canvas on the legs of the windmill and animate with Cloth simulaton. The canvas should be old, torn and some parts of the canvas should hang from the legs of the windmill.
The body of the windmill is too regular and monotonous. A foundation between the ground and the wall is needed. The body at the ground should be a little wider. Add details of a broken wall, bricks protruding through the facade. Maybe some creeping plant.
Lay the foundation, the place where the body touches the ground, make it not a straight line. There will usually be a rain pit from the roof.
Make a path to the door …
Maybe glass on the windows would be a good idea. Rain cover above the window, and flower stand under the window.
I like the extra details you made, the carts, the bags, the fairies. the rule is that it should have a minimum of 5 details. It will be a very beautiful windmill … I look forward to it.

@comotempera thank you very much for your suggestions! Your windmill is very nice too! :+1: :grinning:
My references are the windmill in Campo de Criptana, Spain. :upside_down_face:

Here we are at the end of the project! :checkered_flag: :grinning:
Hope you like it!

I like it very much.

Thank you! :upside_down_face: