Hi all,

I’m French so sorry for my English!
Here is a quick project to test the possibilities of cycles with the particles.
The rendering is done in 10 minutes.

The majority of the effects are done with the nodes.


It seems too bright to me, I have to squint to look at it. Also, the sun can not be in the background and be shining from the front too.

The grass(?) seems too thick in the background. I love the wind mill blades. Maybe make them older with some grunge on them. The building seems a little flat like there is no shadow on it. The ladder is a great addition! Maybe put some other things you would find around a windmill? Like an old cart or some crates?

Great start, I would enjoy seeing this evolve!

Very nice. I have been trying to make a wheat field myself.

Even though it is not physically correct it is a very artistic render.

Thank you!
You prefer this version?


See you soon on another project;)


I prefer the original one. Though you could try moving the main light source behind the widmills as stated by place57.

I think I like the first one best. it seems more artistic, and the other “better” lit ones show some flaws which don’t look good.

How did you set up the particle system, if I may ask?

Hi and Happy good year !

For particles, I modeled a base element (wheat)

I then multiplied over the terrain with random parameters

darkloy, Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for the setup!

I was doing something with hair paths and particle instances (with a turbulence force field to make the hair paths twist and turn), but it wasn’t allowing me to really put life to the objects (no rotation apparently with particle instances that follow paths).

Where I was when I kind of gave up, I’ll try your approach next:

The render has good composition overall, but those windmills look flat almost to the point of being entirely shadeless. You need to chose somewhere to center your light source, but not directly from the camera.

You’re right, Jack.
But I still have a bit of trouble to create a realistic sunlight Cycle