Window manager...thing?

Does anyone remember a certain window manager, actually, I don’t even know if that’s the correct terminology…:cool:

But what it would do is it was like a “3d” desktop; It was a cube.

You could zoom out and move around the faces and zoom back in.

Anyone remember/heard of this?

it is a window manager for linux, i think it is called beryl.

There is Compiz and there is Beryl. Beryl is a more feature rich and active fork of Compiz. So I’d go with the latter.

Yes Beryl all the way! (this is my 3rd post promoting beryl today and NO I am not getting paid to do so). You’ll also need the XGL server, it is a sort of extension of the Xorg server that allows your graphic card to render the desktop using OpenGL.

As I remember, XGL replaces the Xorg server. AIGLX, however, extends it.

Might be wrong though.