Window Pain

Hello everyone,

Trying for emptiness and neglect.


Acme Brick

Any and all crits greatly appreciated!!


Nicely done…I especially like the broken window curtain. The one thing that kinda screams that it was done in CG, is the way the top brick look. They look like crinkled paper…the middle bricks look alright, although I am sure they have the same texture applied. It may just be the angle of the camera. Keep it up.

Its good… BUt all the overall materials are too shiny…

I think it’s real nice composition! :slight_smile:

my suggestion, if you’re going for the neglected look, is more dirt both on the frame, and maybe a lot on the interior walls. peeling paint always says neglected real fast…

more dirt is always my suggestion lately, tho! maybe i’m obsessed with it right now - lol

it’s nice work, i’d like to see more as it progresses

Looks good. Materials need a little tweaking though.
By the way, it’s window pane!

I think he was going for “pain” as it represents emptiness and neglect

Hello All,

Yes indeed, a play on words - anything neglected is in pain.

Thanks all for the replys!!

nice but that goorbell´s texture is too soft