Windows 10 pixel, line and face problems.

Hi everyone, I am a newbie here, Ive been modelling in blender for a wee while now, and have done a few passable models.
However Windows 10 has auto installed and caused the following problem.

I am using a Toshiba satalite C855-1GQ laptop.When I try to select a pixel,edge or face they don’t change color or show the X,Y,Z indicator.When I use B to box select everything seems to work normally highlighting pixels etc. and the XYZ indicator is also back.I am stuck please help.Les

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This sounds like a driver issue. What type of video card do you have? You may want to check and ensure that you’re running the latest drivers for that card.

Also, on a minor terminology nitpick, you’re not selecting a pixel or a line. You’re selecting a vertex or an edge. (Face you had correct. :slight_smile: )