Windows 7 and python

so heres the prob. i have windows 7 and i guess doesnt have a version fo blender with python already in it. im trying to import models from sketchUp but i guess you need to have python. i downloaded python and installed it but i dont no if there is something more i need to do to make it work with blender. thx for all the help =)

Use the official zipped file from the Blender site instead of the installer (.exe). The zip file contains everything needed by the Blender binary including the python binaries. I normally had to add a python path to the environment variables in Windows XP for the correct version of python to run when double clicking a python program. I haven’t used Windows for programming with Python in a while or under Windows 7 but check that you installed the correct version for the Blender version you want to use last, since as far as I know the installer adds this variable automatically, I think. That said I never had problems multiple versions of Blender using versions of Python on the same machine.