Windows 7 dawg!

okay so I got windows 7 on my computer today! it’s freakin awesome!!

what do all you out there think of it?


eh, apple released a new commercial that kinda echoes my complaints against microsoft.

I played with 7 on my friend’s laptop and it was still frustrating. You can call me spoiled, but I haven’t had nearly as much of the same trouble as I’ve had on all the windows machines.


I’ll still stick to the older version on me laptop. I’m sure technology has sufficiently caught up with the Windows 7 operating system, and there really is no need for me to upgrade, unless I get a new laptop. And ofcourse, given a choice - I will go for the linux.

I would too but then I can’t play any games… and that’s why I built my computer… so I could play games xD

No worries - I was also introduced to the world of computer via games, and no matter what others think, playing games will help you learn more about computers then just going out and doing a computer course only. Hope ye enjoys ye Win '7.

Meh. I prefer freedom :eyebrowlift:

I hate apple mainly because they’re commercials are all bashing Microsoft. That’s not cool. Microsoft doesn’t hate on apple, they have legitimate commercials. And you know what? Windows hasn’t had any of the same problems, they fix them each time, however, they do have new problems, because they’re actually advancing in the field trying to come out with new things. Apple usually plays it safe, the only major leap would be the infamous ipod, and they’ve sucked all the money out of that concept.

Love my Windows 7. I cant see why people prefer Linux to be honest. Not only I cant run most programs but Linux seems to have issues with me. My wireless router is downstairs and across a room from it is a computer running latest Ubuntu. It keeps disconnecting and i have to manually reconnect it every time. Once I reconnect it its very slow. Printer doesnt work with it at all. I have to take my XP laptop and hook it up to a printer to print things out. My Windows 7 computer upstairs works and connects to wireless without any problems. Actually I havent encountered one problem with it.

I know! I hate how they bash microsoft like that… I don’t think they ever did anything to them… oh wait… yeah they did it’s called BEING BETTER :cool:

who else can they go after; they have no choice but to be a little aggressive in their marketing.

I don’t know what the margin of error might be on this figures ( there method of collection is questionable) in terms of desktop market share 92% is held by windows; 5% by Mac and Linux is about 1%.

in terms of dominance I think MS won this better because Mac though having the better product in the early 80’s spectularly shot themselves in the foot by been extremely difficult to work with by third party hardware and software manufactures. Everything had to be on their terms while MS was that much easier to work with.

Apart from the fact that my Ubuntu runs damn stable and allows me to do everything I need and more, I just don’t like the Microsoft way. At least for me it’s an ethical question, too (which makes Apple not much better) and I just want an operating system that I can work with and that’s FREE.
But I still can understand everyone who uses Windows 7, I have heard it runs quite stable and of course you get a perfect game support. Sounds not too bad. :wink:

I’m still using the release candidate and I like it a lot. I’ve no issues with it whatsoever. I, like many others, think it’s what vista should have been on first release.

As for the people who dislike windows, keep in mind windows has the disadvantage of needing to be completely universal.

If you have two runners prepared to run a race, and one of them is told the exact location, length and conditions of the race then he has the advantage of training specifically for that. The other runner may not be as fast on that particular race but he will have trained for all conditions. Apple chooses to be completely proprietary, and as a result is a little more stable with the things is does support.

They could advertise what their own product does instead of put down what Microsoft does. Those numbers do seem a little questionable though. And the analogy you made about the race is similiar to what I was saying.

After the travesty of Windows Vista it’s going to be a long long time before I install another Microsoft OS on any of my machines.

Would still consider a new pc/laptop that came with it though

Are you forgeting the horror known as Windows ME vastly far worse than Vista, the buzz I have been hearing about 7 has been good anything I get with MS’s OS will be probabley pre-installed so its only if I spring for a new laptop. I don’t game much so my desktop will be a Linux machine.

Nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I changed my mind, wish i could delete de post :frowning:

I sdon’t think that should be a reason to not get windows 7… I agree they flopped with vista but with 7 I think they’ve completely redemed their selfs! windows 7 is super stable, super fast, it boots really fast and you can personalize it in like anyway you want :smiley:

so I think if there’s anyone out there who wont get an MS OS because vista was so bad I highly encorage them to change their mind :slight_smile:

I’m loving Win 7 64 bit, although I am not digging the new Taskbar. I actually find it slowing down my productivity. It can easily be turned back into the old taskbar though. It has been really fast and Blender is really fast compared to my old XP setup on the same machine.

Windows 7 is great. I got it for free from MSDNAA (and by free I mean “free”…thanks taxpayers). It’s really stable, definitely noticed a speed improvement, and well…it just looks good.