Windows 7

Will the blender code (probably starting at 2.50) have to be altered a little for installation on windows 7? plus i would REALLY like an installer for 64 bit versions of windows. that would be nice :slight_smile:

What do you think should be altered?

I think a few people are using the Win 7 Beta and using Blender. I don’t think Win 7 is a drastic overhaul that they need to change much (if anything.) I’ve heard it described as a little more then a Service Pack and a little less then a new OS.

I love my Windows 7 and Blender so far. There is no problems with it what so ever. Not even little glitches. After running Ubuntu for a year and thinking its a best thing since sliced bread this turned out even better for me.

I did try 2.5 and it worked with it. Keep in mind that im using 32 bit version of Windows 7.

actually you dont want an installer, it puts the scripts folder in the hidden files . there are no benifits from the installed version. it’s easier to just get a zipped version, unzip it, then right click on the exe and pin it to the start menue or create a desktop shortcut for it. then all the folders etc are where they are suposed ot be.

i use 32 bit and uninstalled blender because i was a pain working my way thru hidden folders and files and went for a zipped version. meta’s loaded build has just about every script and plugin preloaded and ready to run. and i do believe someone compiled a version for 64 bit.

OK thanks! i wasn’t sure about it. I am getting 7 in just a few days. and i didn’t know what to expect as far as blender goes. i knew it is mostly like vista (look) but anyways,

thanks again.

and there is the first major bug reported which will delay MS W7 release.

LOL as usual …

Didnt XP give a blue screen the day Billy Boy presented it?

Yeah, and XP is considered the current stable release.

Overblown nonsense as usual on these occassions. Don’t expect Win7 to be delayed.


No it didn´t. Another example of MS-haters living in the past…

April 20, 1998… it wasn’t XP. Bill Gates was giving a preview of the new Windows 98 at COMDEX and the BSOD crashed when they tried to demonstrate “plug and play” with a scanner as a live broadcast.

XP included a debugging option which could halt the BSoD process.

I just wanted to point out that you have the choice of where to put the scripts directory during an install. Also, there is the very nice benefit of using the installer to allow Blender to open when a .blend file is double clicked. Yes, you can associate this manually but it is just easier for most people to let the installer do it.

i personally would love a 64bit installer for windows

Hehe :smiley:

I just got Windows 7 64bit with the Volume lic. agreement and I have been battling to get 2.49 working on 64bit.
I would love for Blender 2.5 to have a 64bit Windows 7 Installer made available.
This will have to be on the roadmap as I think so many people are going to go to Win7 from XP and many Blender users will want to opt for the 64bit version.
Coming from Lightwave I really want to invest in making a jump to Blender for good with the upcoming 2.5 release. A Window7 64bit installer will DEF. help the process :slight_smile:

I’m running 64bit win7 as well.

Install this first then run blender:

hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I’m running RC1 64bit, works fine after having disabled aero and desktop compositing. My brother runs RTM build 7600. Haven’t noticed a difference between the two though.

Thanks Felix!
I will try that. :cool:

I have a suspicion it’s something with the paths or something… but I will try the redistributal. The one I had installed I’m pretty sure is the 32bit version.

ah yes, that’s the one I’m still running too…

been running windows 7 rc1 for a few months now…
and the whole time i’ve been testing 2.5 builds, and they’ve been working great :slight_smile:

got 2.49b installed as well