Windows not working/working?

Hello, just recently started new project but i cant make windows “transparent” if thats the word for it, BUT there is 1 window out of 7 that is working ?? im noob with modeling so thats why i cant get this work :stuck_out_tongue: would be happy if someone helps =)

Just a quick snap about what im confronting:

I honestly have no idea what you are asking, even with the screen grab.

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What render engine are you using?

The picture is from the games thingy which makes the fbx file to kn5 form with textures, so i dont really have idea :confused: also what i mean is the windows are grey, not transparent? if thats the word for it. Game is Assetto Corsa

I haven’t a clue about that. Are you modeling something in Blender then exporting it as FBX and then using an external program to convert from FBX to KN5? Look at the material for the window that is working. Compare it to the ones that aren’t. Or show us a Blender screenshot of the materials properties.

The funny thing is that they use same material, i can put some photos from material
Not sure how it should look inside blender but here is pic of it in blender
Also forgot to mention, yes i use assetto corsas own program to make the fbx to kn5 file.

You are using Blender Internal as a rendering engine. I gave up on Blender Internal when Cycles arrived (8 years ago?) :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t a clue about BI materials. Have you checked it’s not an issue with normals? Select everything and Ctrl+N

Like said im total noob with this stuff so whats blender internal / cycles :smiley:

They are different methods of rendering your scene. Some of them have some level of compatibility with each other in terms of materials and lighting. Blender Internal is the oldest. It is being dropped from the upcoming 2.80 version of Blender.

If you are creating models and textures for a game, like AC, then you might find that the newest render engine, EEVEE, in 2.8 suits you. It’s a realtime render engine, like many game engines. If AC uses PBR shaders then material creation will be rather simple. Being able to see stuff happen “live” in the viewport rather than having to render something to check it is a big plus.

ahh i see :thinking: thanks for the info :kissing: have been working on my bike last few days so no modeling :smiley: but, any ideas if i still keep the old one for this project ? I might also just delete the windows fully but would like to keep em if i get em working for certain things im gonna make with time. Also, how does the newer renderer work for 3d modeling/printing ?

Ideas are still welcome :slight_smile:

Still happy if someone gives something to try =)

Googling for:

assetto corsa blender car

gives quite a few tutorial videos and stuff.