Windows Vista 64 and OfficeXP compatibillty?

I am thinking about building a new PC and installing windows Vista64bit on it to utilise the 8gb or ram im thinking of installing.

Will my current version of MS OfficeXp that im using on my current set up (Microsoft Operating System XP 32bit) be compatible? or will I need a new version of Office?

That depends if you “think different” enough (insert apple logo here)

Sorry, couldn’t resist when I read that you are thinking quite a bit which is a good thing.
Unfortunately, I hardly use Windows these days so the experts on here will sure advise you better than I can :slight_smile: How many cores are you thinking of getting? 4, 8?

The specs that im looking at are in another thread.

4 cores

Note:the day i stop thinking will be a dark dark day. :slight_smile:

Just stick 64 bit Ubuntu on it ;).