Wine glass (warning: n00b)

I’ve been trying to model a wine glass. Here’s my result:

Really sucky if you ask me. :frowning:

So hope someone will be kind enough to advise on improving my settings shown below.

Many thanks in advance.

To-do: Wine in glass, checkerboard surface, metal tray, etc…

No need to get depressed. Everyone is a beginner once. :slight_smile:

I think that you should change your Transp IOR to around 1.55. That’s about the IOR value of the glass. Check for more IOR values.

You could try to add depth value of the transparency. It might have some effect.

Also consider making RayMir more powerful.

There’s a nice glass tutorial at Unfortunately it’s for an older Blender version but nevertheless it got the basics.

Here’s more info about IOR:

try these settings:


Thanks BeBraw and @ner, your help brought magic to my screen. :smiley:

Here’s the improved version:

And the lighting:

Took me 5 lamps and lots of trying to get most of the scene lit. Any tips for improvement?

I also tried to topple one of the glasses (that’s why there’s 2 of them) but I have no idea how to let it just touch the ground. Is there any method to introduce gravity or is it only by trial and error?

Open to critics :slight_smile:

youre model and compositing could still use an improvment. try a more sufisticated background and lighting - try using soft natural colors. mke youre glasses ‘softer’, ie: smother - with rounder corners and less seams.

Another thing that would make this better is getting rid of all those speculars. Toggle the “Spec” on all but the lights you want to show up in the glasses’ reflection.

@ner can we use your fiber optics image for the Blender Press Release?

(sorry for the offtopic…)