Wine Glass

Hi Guys i am a nooby to blender artists so here;s one of my posts :smiley:

Very nice, overall. I think the foot base needs to be a little thicker and not so flat. Also, the bowl of the cup seems to be going down into the stem a bit too much. Great job on the stem, though. One thing I always struggled with when first doing wine glasses is that the stem would look fine in the modeling, but come off as too thin with the texturing.

One thing that might make this more of an interesting scene is the bottle the wine came from :smiley: Great effort!

oh! thanks yeah just lost the model :frowning: so i can’t really do something to it anymore but it was one of my latest renders


Try to see if you can recover an autosave. If you remember the date you created it, look for the ones with that date.

it’s not that easy i updated my OS from windows 7 starter to ultimate so i had to re-install blender and forgot to back up
the blend file so i lost it…but it would have been nice if i could tweak it again :slight_smile: