Wine Scenery

Hey guys,
this is my first post in this forum, but I am modelling for quite some time.
The problem is, I have problems in finishing my ideas, mostly because of my lack of skill/too big ideas.
Now, I just made a very simple scene, with a wine bottle, a wine glass and a corkscrew, as you can see in the picture below. Now, I wanted some critique, to improve the realism of the scene. I know, there isn’t much to see, but still it would be great, if you can help a little bit. The scene took a few hours, but the most time I was trying and testing ^^.
Also, if there are any grammar/spelling mistakes, please correct me, still learning english in school :slight_smile:

Uploading an Image to blenderartists doesn’t work for me at the moment, here is my Dropbox-link, I will try to upload it tomorrow again :slight_smile:


PS: Some of the technical stuff: Rendered in 3:32 Minutes with a GTX 660Ti, the resolution is 1080*1920

It is a pretty good render. You could work on the texture on the table, perhaps some shadows, and make the corkscrew large enough to pull a cork out of that bottle. The light in the scene appears too bright.

Thanks for the answer. Now I changed the wood texture, made the corkscrew bigger and made the picture a little less bright :).

Much improved, but I am still bugged by that bright light in the background. It is pulling the focus away from the bottle and wine glass to the background (bright lights do that.)

Yep, you are defenitly right, I will work on that tomorrow :slight_smile:

Dig it. Second render much better than the first.

Wine glass looks a little frosted rather than crystal, which is traditionally how they look. Win bottle opaque. Yes, they generally look that way, but it’s the teensiest subtle detail that’ll move the wine bottle up a notch on the realism factor.

If the glass was just a bit more transparent you’d have me totally sold on photorealism.