wineHQ & games

Ok, the last time i checked winehq, it was able to install dx9 & 10 properly.
and was able to play some casual games properly on Linux. so all i have to say is winehq ftw.
so who else is using winehq ?

Well, to my way of thinking, “Wine is great … but,” if I have a ‘killer app’ that requires Microsoft Windows (yuck!) to run, then I’m going to run that, albeit probably in a virtual machine. Because, “your true purpose is to obtain for yourself whatever benefits this killer-app might afford you,” and an operating-system is always just “a means to an end.” The only folks for whom Windows is “an end unto itself” live in Redmond. (Or Bangladesh, or Pango-Pango, or New Delhi, or CheepCodersLiveHere :wink: ahem…)

(p.s. no offense is intended!) " :wink::wink::wink: "

In short: “could I do it (with Wine)? Oh, probably. But would I? Probably not. I’d want to play the thing, not debug it.”

since u mentioned about stuffs that i didnt intended,
dont know why but i can see ur posts:P