Wings-0.94.03 is out...

It’s true.

won’t install… says it can’t find erlang/OTP - so you tellin me i have to download 24Megs of erland/OTP to run this dinky program!!!

Yep. I don’t quite understand the decision to use Erlang, but that’s where it’s at. Wings has potential - it has a clean interface, and if they keep adding features…who knows…

i quite like wings too, but on the subject of languages it was cos he uses it at work all day and so thats what hes used to (fair point) and wings probably wouldn’t be that small a download without some pretty large libraries behind it. To make the point though, i’m working in a strange language called K and cos i was bored wrote a videoscape file viewer in an afternoon, which is about 40 lines long. (not a single loop either!!) These obscure languages certainly have their benefits, although to someone new to them they look really scary.

just a sample of that viewer
removeUnused:{[face] | 1 _ | 1 _ face}
object:@[object;faceList;:;makeInt’ removeUnused’ object[faceList]]

hehe, mmmmm, vectorisation . . . .