Wings 3d and Blender 3d

I was just wondering, how many of you use Wings 3d in accordance with Blender. I’m just wondering if it’s worth learning Wings to use with Blender. Please vote and give me an explaination or reason. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

ngons, beveling of selected edges [faces or verts], and tweak mode… blender isn’t quite the same to model with…
[in wings3d your model can’t have holes so the experience is very different]

Blender has a modeller which is actually very nice to use.
wings has some quick and easy options and models extremely well.

to be honest, there isn’t alot blender can’t do now, and there is little reason not to complete a project from start to finish with just blender.

That’s not what I"m looking for. I’m not looking for which one is better… I’m looking for how many artists here use both in their workflow.

Lots of Blenderers also use Wings3D. Just download Wings3d and the manual and try it yourself, you’ll love it.

I mostly use Wings for file conversions and checking to see if my uv maps will translate ok to other programs.