wings3d tutorial DVD

Learn real world tips and tricks from Chris Maynard on using the open source world to define your place in the 3d world.

That is right, due to popular demand, we were able to get enough people so we can produce this DVD. The downloable version will be released in 1 week! The DVD a week after that.

It is 1.5 hours long, and is for begginers to intermediate user levels.

  • It covers mild user interface… (We didnt want to waste time on settings and stuff)
  • Also covers, modeling solid cages,
  • How to use non square polys to model,
  • Game Engine considerations and tesselation,
  • Resolution issues for texture coordinates,
  • Mirror Modeling,
  • Tweaking,

and a bunch more while building several projects of actual objects.Don’t Miss out on this one. Its cool stuff.
Download Price: $39.95

The download is half the resolution of the normal high definition DVD, BUT still very visible. Our encoding is beautiful.

DVD price: $49.95

It looks nice, but I think it might be a tough sale now that Blender is sporting more and more of the Wings#d features that set it apart. Also, video tuts for Blender are freely available which might be a turn off for some people.

50 bucks for one-and-a-half hours?!?! Don’t think so:/

Yeah, I paid $30 for Unreal Tournament 2004 SE and it came with over 100 hours of tuts on everything from UnrealEd to Maya to Max. Plus, it came with a cool as hell game, IMHO. Their price is too steep…

Blender dosn’t have 1/16th of the modelling features of wings so I don’t think it’s a tough sale at all.

(not dogging on blender, but facts are facts. Shouldn’t be suprising since wings is a dedicated modeller and blender is a swiss army chainsaw…)


Good content is worth paying for. I would pay 50 bucks for a good book covering programming or digital art easily. I don’t find that much for a dvd to be that horrible.


the price is too steep. 20 bucks max. if its one helluva dvd.

Shouldn’t be suprising since wings is a dedicated modeller and blender is a swiss army chainsaw


thats why blender is so difficult to truly compare to anything else…

but i think $50 is a tad too steep for a DVD tutorial…

but i agree with you, Zarf on a book…but it depends on how good the book is


(next Wings3d feature implemeted in Blender: BRIDGE! i hope…)