Winter Cabin

Hi everyone,

Inspired by the Blenderguru i’ve experimented with the Scatter and M-tree add-on for the past few days. I’m happy with the results so i’m curious about your opinions!


I’m happy with your result too because of night time scene :slight_smile: great idea. What do you think about letting more light go out from window? My eye also catch a bit to flat texture on bottom right area. But overall composition is very good.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Awesome! Thanks Bart, have a great weekend!

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Thanks for your feedback! Good point about the lighting, it should have casted some more light around the forest. I will keep it in mind for my future projects!

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You’re #featured! :tada:

Awesome Bart! Merci!

The only thing I’m missing here is the lighting on the roof, better lighting of the side, and a clearer lighting of the side-shed.

“Sometimes, the so-called practical lighting is sufficient, and sometimes it just isn’t.” (These compensations are sometimes dealt with in "an old-fashioned darkroom," the likes of which I actually still have.) The famous film photographer Ansel Adams once said that “a picture is captured in the camera, but it is made in the darkroom.” You can certainly exercise similar “discretion” here, because everybody does it.

(Or, if you seriously want an excuse, create a pole beside the shed and hang a light on it …)

It has a nice aura!

I think @senteria has a point, with the moon being intense enough to cast shadows, I would also expect the bright indoor lighting to have effect.
My eye also went to bottom right, I guess that’s 2 points :slight_smile:

Nice “haze” volumetrics(?). Is this using Cycles?

Thanks for your feedback! I agree, the sides and the roof of the shed should have clearer lighting. I will encorporate your feedback into my future works!

Agree! The indoor lighting should have casted more on the surrounding objects. I’m now also aware that the bottom right is to bright, it distracts the viewers attention from the main subject of this scene.

I’ve tried to add the haze effect in cycles using volumetrics, but it was unfortunately very noisy. Therefore i added it afterwards in photoshop… I always try to make the complete scene in Blender but for this time the post processing technique was a lot more efficient.

So pretty! The atmosphere conveyed here is great!