Winter Haven - Modern Interior

Hey guys, long time no see… Finally got back into Blender, and trying my hand at realism again :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyhow, this is my WIP, it’s a modern interior… I hope that much is obvious… I’d love to hear some critique on it. Sorry for the grainy image, it took 6 hours to render that… And yes, I’m using clamping (4:3), multiple importance sampling, and light portals… :stuck_out_tongue: PBR Shaders on everything.
Special thanks to & for the textures.

Hope you guys like it, and I look forward to reading your critiques :smiley:

Nice start. Biggest critique: The room feels cold, where warm might be desired for wintertime.

Thanks, I appreciate that… I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

Looks good so far. The table is sinking into the rug on one corner, and the rug could also use a solidify modifier to give it some thickness.

The exterior and the firewood look awesome and the floor is great too, and the blinds. Some random things: a little color grading to add warmth to the mids would be nice, that actually looks like a gas fireplace, it doesnt look like it opens or has wood in it, and the top area rug is a little too bumpy on the edges I think.

Indeed it is a gas fireplace, and quite intentionally. I even went as far as to add coal to make it look like one of those fancy ones, however it does not show up well in the render. my reference image had the firewood beside a gas fireplace as well, and I really liked the concept, and intended on using it to bring warmth to the scene. The rug was sculpted without matcap, so I went a bit extreme without realizing it; I may turn it down soon. Seams like compositing is yet again one of my major downfalls. I’ll definitely work on adding warmth to the interior, and keeping the exterior cool. Thanks


i like the image. The furniture and oranges on the table look really nice.
I was just wondering if it’s common to have fireplaces on the outer wall of a room? Aren’t they usually installed more in the middle of a house.