Winter morning in an unknown city


(Pavel Sushchenko) #1

I like these streets very much, and especially drinking coffee in places like this, so I decided to depict all this in my favorite blender

(tayo6) #2

Beautiful render!

(Pavel Sushchenko) #3

Thank you very much

(anas) #4

this looks like londen or paris !!!
nice work !!!

(Pavel Sushchenko) #5

thanks, I seem to agree

(anas) #6

ther is one thing that i want to say so far …
its winter and the windows should be more blury i guess,
but i could be wring, iv never seen snow before !!!

(Pavel Sushchenko) #7

not always the case., I wish you to see the snow

(anas) #8

oh thats great to know
and thank you for that !!
even though i am not sure i can stand it !!! i almost died whene it come to 15 last week ! Xb !!

(Pavel Sushchenko) #9

Yes, we have -25 and -35

(anas) #10

i am dead by now !!!

(Pavel Sushchenko) #11

))))))))))))))))))))))very funny

(FGO) #12

very beautiful realism !
I feel the freshness of the atmosphere,
the alley is charming,
thank you for this work

(Pavel Sushchenko) #13

very beautiful your words, thank you

(sundialsvc4) #14

Marvelously done.

(Pavel Sushchenko) #15

Thank you very much

(GarageFarm.NET) #16

heading for the featured row :slight_smile:

Jarek D(DJ)

(Rob) #17

Really nice work!!

How did you do all the snow? Particles and modeling? Or something else?


(Pavel Sushchenko) #18

thanks a lot, yes you are right modeling, plus subsurf and of course nodes

(Pavel Sushchenko) #19

did not understand you

(FinalBarrage) #20

The modelling and compostion is stunning! Really good!

Im a bit disappointing in the lighting though, maybe try to play with it a little? I know its overcast, but try experimenting with stronger interior lighting or lights from the streetlights. Or any other light source to breath a bit more life into the image.

Overall a stunning image, really well done!