Winter Scene

Hi all

Just getting too grips with Blender and starting to work on a winter scene - this will be a snowy park with a Gazeebo/bandstand as the centre point, trees, park bench etc.
Would like comments on how it’s progressing, tips, hints etc all welcome.

Just experimenting with adding snow on the ground - used a grid with proportional edit to bump it up. Is it best to make a grid like this and lay over roof etc to show the snow on top?

Starting on materials and textures so should be fun :slight_smile:


Hey, it looks pretty nice so far, the snow really helps there. It’ll probably work for the rooftop too, yeah, but something I noticed was that the snow on the ground doesn’t appear to have smooth shading on.

If you plan to do a large scene like this, proportional fall off will take waaay too long. It would be better if you used a displacement map- clouds would work the best with some tweaking.

Thanks guys - I’ve added a larger grid and messing with cloud displacement - pretty cool idea :slight_smile:
Next update soon hopefully