I don’t mind to make a wireframe render, but do you want to see anything in particular? The scene has so many faces, that you only see the sky and part of the floor. All the rest becomes black! :confused:

I can take a snapshot of the screen…

It might just be me, but the noise left over after the render is done is actually making the snow more realistic in some areas compared to others where it’s all cleaned up. This indicates to me that you’re missing some high frequency noise to give the feel of a covering of tiny flakes.

Overall though, great work, I was encouraged to respond with my critique after noticing the nice blanket of snow we’ve getting outside today, this image being very appropriate for that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screen snapshot, I was wondering how you made the snow, now I see it. Did you also use a dome?

That’s stunningly beautiful! Great job.

beautiful work,it looked like this just last week :slight_smile:

Ace Dragon > I think the noise from the render reduces the scale of the whole image… It need’s more samples to trully show the noise I wanted.
It would be different perhaps if there was some bright light on the scene, where the reflection on those tiny flakes would strongly ‘burn’ one whole pixel!

cad_73 > I prefered to use a sphere with painted vertex as the sky ilumination (more control than the sky node!), but it’s invisible to camera rays.

Blender Matt> check the attachment from the quote you refer to. It shows exactly the material for the fog plane.

Wonderful! Very dreamy. I love the lighting and athmosphere - misty, with a hint of mellow sunshine and a faint blue sky above the mist. It’s an inviting scene.

Please don’t say that “there isn’t enough for a tutorial,” because there very-obviously is. :yes:

That’s exactly how cold it is over here lol, awesome piece. Maybe you could’ve played a bit with the overall composition, but nevertheless.

Good work! how did you get snow on the tops of branches?

You are very talented!! I love how peaceful this scene is, and I especially love the snow! Creating nice-looking materials is something that I find very hard, and you did an excellent job. It’s simple, but at the same time it is very detailed. You did a very good job! :wink:

Awesome! I love it!

Splendid ! thanks for sharing (nodes)

Hey you just gave me a good reference to help me model my snow scene. It doesn’t snow in my place.

nice peacful scene i really LOVE it

Sorry but that attachment isnt viewable… very curious for the branch setup

Thank you all for your comments and appreciations. http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/images/smilies/sago/smile.gif

For those who cannot see nodes for the snow on the trees:

Main input to put the snow on the top of the branches, is to use the Geometry::Normal vector, and separate the Z component. This value varies between 1 when the normal of the point being rendered is pointing upwards, and is -1 when is pointing downwards. For other purposes you cas use the other components as well!.
The rest is to use this information to build the mask that you want.

Another node I use a lot is Geometry::Position, which helps me to mantain the same texture scale all over the scene, specially if I have objects with different transformations… Or for example, to keep the noise in the fog locked to the scene space, independent from the position of the fog object (which varies a lot in just one frame!!!)

Hope this help you guys :wink:

Absolutely stunning

Very nice winter scene ! Great work !

i must say it again you can really feel the snow crystals in that rendering