hi, here my last work in Blender…

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Sir! share the nodes of the snow!

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Without a doubt, the most realistic winter scene I have scene. Awesome job on this.

thanks :wink:
The snow is quite simple (0.5 rough diffuse + low glossy with noise).

The ilumination does the best, skyBG and 2 suns (one small 0.08 and strength 3, and the other size 0.5 and strength 1).
The fog is a plane with motion blur and some noise transparency.

beautiful and realistic image.subtle details in the ground looks good.trees are frm ngplant?

Some elements were made with the Sapling Script, the others with Arbaro. I’ve still edited most of the trees, but just to kill the high polygon count.

Very nice. The snow is fantastic.

+1 - the snow looks awesome!

Stunning work! You got to make a tutorial :wink:

There isn’t enough to say for a tutorial, but here the basic hints:

-Bench frame : a simple edge skeleton + skin modifier + subdiv
-Bench wood : just beveled boxes
-Bench snow : dyntopo on an inset of bench wood
-Snow : dyntopo on a plane
-Trees : procedural
-Materials : see my post ahead.

I will repeat too: the snow looks good :slight_smile:
How was made the snow on the branches and the bench? Particle systems + weight paint?

edit: i read you post after i ask, probably was waiting for mod approval…

Excelent! good work man!

Wow great work

The snow on the bench is an inset of the bench woods, then sculpted with dyntopo. The material for this is the same as the snow on the floor.

The rest of the bench, and the trees, are very much alike; A diffused material, mixed with a simpler version of the snow material… (better if i post a pic)

And again thanks for ur appreciation. :wink:

How long did it take to render? Nice picture, by the way.

Looks awesome! Could be a photograph.

Nice work , the fog is how is this done ?

fantastic feeling - echt starke Arbeit!

hey it’s cold enough without cold pictures! j/k :wink:
(edit) ja, klar…eine schones bild.

Awesome! Thanks 4 sharing the snow node. Would you like to share a wireframe render?