It’s winter~

Higher res and stuff here~


One of the best renders I’ve seen using Blender. Superlative stuff.

Beautiful piece! I like her pose, her eyes, colors of this image. The only thing that bothers me is that little piece of paper (?) attached to her necklace. It ruins composition a bit and it’s almost unrecognizable unless you go for full size image. Still 5* from me.

This looks really good, well done. Although, I’m curious about her tattoos…

@0ptikz - Whoah, thanks! That means a lot! :smiley:
@mookie3d - Thank you for your comment and critique! I tried rendering without the tag and I have to agree that it doesn’t really help…
@antoni4040 - Thanks antoni! I originally wanted to give her a snake familiar…except I couldn’t model a half decent snake, so it lives in her tattoos now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s better! I would still cover that white line with hair (right where that tag was) but it’s a detail. Really amazing work, Chebylshev!

Grat job! Such a lovely char. Bravo!

Amazing! It shows that you paid extra attention to the color scheme. It’s beautiful!

@mookie3d - Thanks again, mookie!
@gr8! - Thank you, gr8!
@DreamMaster - Thanks so much DreamMaster :smiley:

I love this. Very nice character. Congrats!

@Vic3d - Thank you! :smiley: