Winter's morning

All done in Blender 2.69. Render - Cycles. Thanks PigArt for his awesome videos(youtube-


Very nice I like this simple design thumbs up :slight_smile:


I think it looks really nice, though it would look even better if you’d have experimented with the color temperature a bit more- that would help to set the mood in the scene. Winter scenes are quite complicated in terms of getting lit perfectly, because of the lack of colors, but I think it shouldn’t be stopping you. Still, it’s a good work you’ve done here!

Thank you)

:cool: Thank you)))

Thanks! I will try to follow your advice in next works)

I like the snowman

Low poly is a delicious style! I love the smoke and the shape of the clouds: they really recreate the way i remember the sky in the swissalps: a crisp air with fast winds.


Thank you! But Russian-speaking forums advised smooth the snowman and clouds…