WIP...2nd edition !

Hi everybody ! :slight_smile:

Last week i have made this thread http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=68824,
with an image made in one hour in a middle of the night.

I worked the image much because I thought that the concept was good.

This is the final image :

Blender 2.41, internal render, no composition, single rendering, the only post-production is the text made with Inkscape.

2 spheres with 5 or 6 textures (bump, map, stencil, blend, etc…) each one lit by a spot (layer), 3 particle systems for the stars with halo matérial, a plane with procédural textures for the nébula, 2 planes with procedural textures for the atmosphere.

hum, somebody can tell me if the text is in a correct english, please ? :o


I made some modifications (stars, text,…) after the good comments that i have received here :-).

Same image but in 1600x1200 430Ko:http://gfab3d.free.fr/images/2006/WIP/wip_1600x1200_final3.jpg

Nice work! The image is great and the concept is very effective.

For the 2nd & 3rd lines of the list, you may want to change the subject to the singular, which would have a collective sense (i.e. “Forest destruction” & “Animal extermination”).

Over exploitation should be hyphenated (“Over-exploitation of resources”).

As a suggestion, try unifying the structure of the list, maybe like this:

Pollution of environment
Destruction of forests
Extermination of animals
Over-exploitation of resources

Nice! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

good concept put into a powerfull image !

I love the concept and the way you made your idea.


nice image, great message!

Yes, it made me go teary like and I laughed because the end of the human race cometh soon.

Nice image and concept. However, the stars are standing out as a bit “ugly”, comparing to the rest. They are just white dots, they need to glow, just as the planet does…

I agree with Milky. The stars are a little too big. They need to be smaller and more of them, or they need to have some sort of alpha ramp so they blend to black instead of just a circle.

Otherwise… great awesome message. You should show that thing around some more… might get some heads to turn.


Very nice. I agree on the stars being strange, I would make them more random in size and brightness.

Of course, physically they wouldn’t be visible at all, since Earth is too bright. :slight_smile: Consider this real footage movie: http://messenger.jhuapl.edu/the_mission/flyby_movies.html

Thank you for the comments and for the votes ! :smiley:

I am glad to see that you appreciated my work.

Thank you Cire, i will modify the text.

And for the stars, i know that in the real life the stars couldn’t be visible, but the planet in a black environnement it’s just…not finished :rolleyes: because of the common representation of the space du to the movies like “Star Terk” or “Star War”.

It have 3 planes with particles each with different random value and particle number and each with an halo material with different halo size. But, may be i can add more random. :slight_smile:


That’s not what I’m saying. What I mean is that the stars should glow more. Just take a look at the stars in the image that greets you (which is in-game, by the way) http://www.fl-tw.com/

You see how they glow? I think your stars should do the same.

Looking better. This new background looks a bit too busy. I also feel that the lettering could be larger.


Ok, Aligorith, i see now.

I have made some modifications and a new render in first page first post.

I think it’s time for me to go on another project ! Thank you everybody ! :smiley:


Awesome image!! I don’t know what these other guys mean by “more star varying and such”; I guess just don’t have a critical eye :smiley:

Great work, but I don’t agree with the message :wink:

Excellent. The second really works well, the text blends nicely and the stars are amazing. Did you use an image or noise map for the background or did you really tweak the stars setting. I suppose not… you have a few big ones that look more like stars, though they may be halos.

Just wanted to congradulate you on your work and I hope to see it “make the rounds” to show people an interesting outcome.

I’m not an enviornmentalist but there is truth to what is happening. Great stuff.


Thank for the great comments ! :smiley:

The only images are the earth and moon map.
For the stars, i used 6 planes emittor of particle with 6 differents halo materials:
2 for the far stars (small halo size and alpha value),
2 for the near stars (bigger halo size and alpha value),
2 for the halo of the near stars (more bigger halo size but alpha value near 0).

A friend of mine had told me to say “just finish it !” instead of “just stop it !” :cool:


As in let the end come anyway? :smiley:

Anyway, what do these other guys see about the text being off and such? I’m confused…