WIP: Animated "Null" from ReBoot


Here’s my current WIP, a Null. Having a hard time animating it… couldn’t figure out IK Solvers w/path and such so I used a lousy empty/bone tracking setup (MUCH tougher to animate).

Here’s the clip, 2.1MB Quicktime: http://www.iindigo3d.com/null.mov

Comments, crits, and help appreciated!


I love nulls. I want one as a pet. As for the animation, it seems like the null’s clipping through the ground plane a bit. The empty blue background is very bright and distracting. Also the null needs that high spec value and glisten that I seem to remember from the series.
Over all though, it’s a good start – I quite like it. It made me smile. Once you’re done with the small nightmare of animating a null you can start working on Nullzilla…

how did you save it as a .mov

if your on a mac/linux you have the option to save quicktime

i dont like that animation