[WIP] another cloth engine (node-based)

I’m working on this cloth simulation (node-based).although there is a cloth engine of build-in blender,but I think it’s speed of the simulation is a little slow,I have been waiting for it to upgrade for too long.so I dicide to implememt another cloth engine.I know some other people are doing the cloth thing of blender too ,but I think It’s still worthed to finish by myself.
this cloth engine is an addon,but the simulation is implememted by C++ code which complied as a dynamic library.so it has an efficient performance.
the functions of this cloth engine is quite simple at the present,It doesn’t even have a collision.but I will eventually make It fully functional.
It’s single-threading at the present,My goal is to make it multi-threading(even on GPU).

now my engine simulaties a 5000 vertex cloth runs on 45-60fps while the blender build-in cloth engine runs on 3fps.

Before anyone else asks - will it be free? :wink:

Looks great, looking forward to development in this are, especially since cloth sim has become slower in the last Blender versions…

there will be a free version.:yes:
however It’s Still too early to say . I need some time to finish it.

Very nice. Are you able to add weight paint based edge splitting? Maybe a good cloth tearing feature.

the tearing feature will be added,but not now,this feature is not very important to me.

I have uploaded a video shows how fast of my cloth engine compare to the blender build-in engine.
now my engine simulates a 5000 vertex cloth runs on 45-60fps while the blender build-in cloth engine runs on 3fps. It could be faster in the future. since I only using single thread to run it now.

Wow! cant wait to try it. & @albertofx
there’s already a cloth tearing tool: https://cgcookiemarkets.com/all-products/clothfx-dynamic-tearing-tool/
it’s really fast too

I´m pretty sure Albertofx is AFX, the author of that plugin :wink:

really glad you like it! & I think a node based tearing system would be a lot faster with his cloth algorithm, I mean look at that speed increase!

Yes I am:yes:

From 3 to 45 fps seems like magic to me :stuck_out_tongue:

@imdjs Awesome stuff! Now cloth is more useful in Blender. Keep working. I’m big fan of your work. :slight_smile:

Cool stuff! Faster simulation would be a welcome addition.

thank you all,the cloth simulaion is what I need ,so I will keep working on It

Glad to see this being tackled. Cloth in Blender is mind-numbingly slow.

I wonder if there can be some sort of softbody hack for your node based algorithm. Maybe a softbody node with same idea but with stronger parameters so you get a good softbody emulation.

Your initial tests look VERY promising. Cloth simulation is one of my big pet-peeves in Blender, it’s insanely slow and the cloth always stretches which makes it unusable for most simulations.

When you get collision working I would be very interested in testing it out. Tearing is not that important to me but would be nice to have in the future.

Cool stuff, keep it up.

the collision is the most complicate thing in the cloth simulation .and definitely will slow down the perfomence,I have some clues and trying to test,it may not best way though.

Looks good! I wonder what happended to the code of this guy. It looked also very promising, but never heard anything again.
He said he would give the code of his clothes simulation to the Blender Foundation:

I know about that,and have whatched the video,It look very good. but this will not stop me from finishing my work.
actually I have been worked on this addon for period of time. after watching the conference/2015 I see someone showing their cloth simulation ,I was very impressed with that video. and dicide to start this thread telling that I’m interested in cloth too.

I love your hair to poly addon. I bet, this is going to be amazing aswell. Looking forward to it!