did a new wip:
and ²nd version of it:

please post some critic.

cya henrik

p.s:hmmm, doesnt want to work…so you have to c&p :smiley:

how neo would it say:

Hum herm well,

Image #1 is of difficult reading.

I think that it should be a baloon in a CPU storm.

I say CPU because the black things around looks like microchips :slight_smile:

Baloon is terribly shapeless, with just two ropes helding the vessel, boy, it needs a lot of working in modeling! It is so dark, so flat, there is noone there!

And mountaind don’t look far, they are blocky.

You need to:
re-model the baloon
work on lights

Then re-post and we will talk of materials, colors and textures

Second image is better because there are no CPU…

keep blending!


Well, I don’t know if you did those pictures in purpose, or did they just came up after playing a while… But they’ve got a nice composition, and even though they are dark, they’ve got hmmmm… “artistic” touch. However they don’t look much like 3D art to me, they are pretty 2D, aren’t they? Well, keep Blending, and keep your own style…

  • MoreK -

first: thanks for the critique!

well the cpu’s are just static particles :wink:
did a new one with “real” stones:

hmmm… the baloon needs better modelling yes…

what do u mean with:
And mountains don’t look far, they are blocky.

hmm…i think i’ll first work on the lights…

MoreK: thank u ! :wink:

and well,i dont know if they are pretty 2d…are they?
cya henrik

Ouch! those hurts!!!

Well, this is a matter of personal style/likes/dislikes,

what I was meaning is that they look like cut cardboard, quite flat, it is not that they are ugly, but I can’t get the idea of distance (and from this it also came the impression of 2D. I think you’ll get improvements with a better lightning.

Which technique do you use?


well, im working on lightning,but cant really improve it :((

what technique for what?

hmm…the mountains arent very big and smooth…I just extruded a plain :wink:

cya henrik

made an update yesterday…


personally I like this better,

the two hanging ropes gives a nice touch of detail!


And there was light! This looks a lot better IMO… the hills still need some help with texturing because it looks very grainy. The mist near the balloon is sweet.

As for the balloon shape… watch K-Pax… he talks about why a bubble takes the shape it does :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it will inspire a more realistic balloon hehehe.

Good luck!

thank you,but what the hell is K-Pax??

The last version looks much better. Some suggestions:

  1. Make the balloon round. Make it like a more traditionally shaped balloon, and give the different sections distinct colors. The style can be more steam-punkish or more traditional - that’s up to you.

  2. The ground/sky orientation needs work - because of the way the sky is situated, it looks like the balloon is sideways, with the wall of a cliff underneath the basket, and I’m standing on the ground looking upward.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, baskets aren’t attached to the opening at the base of the ballon - they’re attached by several ropes that connect to the outside of the balloon, up toward the center a little. If you haven’t already, looking at some pictures of balloons will help you.

  4. The mist is a nice touch.

  5. The ballast should probably hang down against the basket, rather than sticking out like it is - it might no hurt to make them smaller, and add a few more of them.

  6. I like the colors.

Ok, you’ve got lot’s of suggestions already so I’ll just add mine to the pile.
Probably you should remodel the entire basket, but just making the bottom of it flat (easier to stand in) might make it more believeable.
With all them stones and stuff flying around, I suggest trying for a steampunk look.

(It’s good that someone dares to show something that isn’t finnished and perfected. It’s so much easier to come up with some good constructive criticism. :stuck_out_tongue: )

  1. pofo

thank u for your tips!!!

You do mean ‘Balloon’ don’t you?

yepp :smiley: