[WIP]Bevel after Boolean


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I found some issues with the 2.8 version. The bevel doesn’t show unless Stop calculations is turned off. Stop calculations is True even though it shows default being False. When turning it to False it gives a bunch of errors. Also on your operator properties you need to replace the = with : .

(Rodinkov Ilya) #723

If you switch Stop to False by default. That in blender 2.8 vertex groups are not created. I do not know why

(Rodinkov Ilya) #724

Where can I read about it?
edit: Found.

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Found it?


(Rodinkov Ilya) #726

Yes. I found this. Thanks!

(Fatesailor) #727

Almost totally made with Bevel after Boolean. At last the booleans are transformed to a very powerful means of modeling inside Blender! Thanks for this so great tool Ilya!

(Dheim) #728

Wow, that’s really clean and beautiful! Very nice job!

(Fatesailor) #729

Thanks Dheim! It is a joy to work with this tool really! :smiley:

(Dheim) #730

I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but it looks like it handles normals really well. Or am I mistaken and you’re taking extra steps to clean the normals/re-project them (or something else entirely) after you do the booleans?

(Fatesailor) #731

Yes, I do something after using the tool: I do select the object on which I made the operation and turn to ‘edit’ mode in Blender… then I do select all of it with rectangular selection (someone must be careful to have ‘the make visible all mesh’ turned on, in the bar below, so that every face on the object be selected), after that I do go to the ‘shading and UVs’ tab and click there ‘set from faces’… so all the normals become very smooth.

(Rodinkov Ilya) #732

It looks very good.

(Fatesailor) #733

Thanks Ilya! :smiley:

(Fatesailor) #734

Let put here some images that demonstrate the beveled cuts resulting from add-on’s operations too. They are valuable for giving a good idea of the structures it produces:

(Rodinkov Ilya) #735

Fix for Blender 2.80:
Work in Edit mode
Work ‘Pipe’ method

Location in UI -> Tools

bab_v_0_2_2_1.py (35.9 KB)

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This tool should be in blender by default! Amazing

(Rodinkov Ilya) #737

Normal transfer factor
Make Pipe in Edit Mode and in Object Mode:
Create pipe from selected edges. Create a pipe at the intersection of objects (boolean).
For 2.79:
bab_v_0_2_3.py (43.1 KB)
For 2.80:
bab_v_0_2_3.py (46.2 KB)

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you’re the fastest in the wild west!

(Arseny Melkumyan) #739

Здорово ! Nice !

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Thank you for your great addon Rodinkov_Ilya.

(Fatesailor) #741

Btw, let mention here again that someone can achieve a variety of modeling tasks with the use of ‘Bevel after Boolean’… it is not only for bevelling the boolean seams. You can produce with it very nice looking things by taking advantage from the seams produced in the slice mode. A little bit manual work and you can have very satisfying results. Search my instruction videos in my previous posts in this thread and you will understand how those things are achieved. The way followed is very easy to understand.