[WIP]Bevel after Boolean

Ok. no problem Brothermechanic.

Now let come back to the topic of the thread. Below there is a plant pot made with a dense use of BAB. It is astonishing how difficult modeling tasks can be accomplished quite easily with the aid of it! Once you become accustomed to its use you will need it constantly.


I actually agree with @brothermechanic . You’re gonna get ignored by me if you can’t post English on a English forum. I’m not gonna google translate every post to know what the heck people is talking about.

It is not something happening often AFWS, it is very rare. So, no reason to be harsh. No reason for disturbing the peace of the discussion.

And furthermore, no one forces you to make translations, you just ignore the posts and its is ok. It is so simple.


support you!

Для этого нужно лезть в исходный код blender. В принципе это возможно, но я пока не изучал код blender’а и не могу утверждать со 100 процентной вероятностью.

To do this, need learn the source code of blender. In principle, this is possible, but I have not yet studied the blender code, and I can’t say with 100 percent probability.

Спасибо огромное за аддон, прекрасные фаски!


Ребята, если пишете посты на русском, то добавляйте перевод на английский. Проявите уважение.

Guys, if you write posts in Russian, then add a translation into English. Show respect.
I am watching the progress of this addon. Great job. :+1:


Really, the best way for all those who have difficulty in English but feel the need to participate in the discussion is to write in Russian but not to neglect to add a Google translation in English too. By doing this everyone will feel ok in the thread.

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Some guy, excellent use of the add-on, bravo!

Let everyone here share works made with the use of the add-on. Such a thing will be an important encouragement to Ilya for making the add-on even better.

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May contain many bugs.
Some functions are not completed yet.

bab_v_0_2_7_3_tests.py (51.4 KB)


normals bug fix:
bab_v_0_2_7_4_tests.py (52.6 KB)

Symmetrize bug fix.


Demonstration of the main operators


Looking great!! Very nice work!

Very cool!

Is there a way to sub-divide/smooth these corners in the tool settings?


The current version can not do this.
This is due to the behavior of the standard curve.

In the next versions I will try to fix it, but not a fact.

Speaking about modifier… Here is something to read about it:

Привет, Илья. Касаемо написания модификатора по ссылке можно почитать (инглиш)


Some renderings of a variation of the plant pot above, showing what someone can do with the use of the slice tool:


MeshMachine will soon have the fillet/edge offset, which I wonder how will compare to this tool. Won’t be as automatic, but i wonder if will give similar results…

Yes, it seems that its author is aiming to have some such tools in Meshmachine in its coming versions but I as far as I have seen, from the videos showing the related progress, they do require much manual labor for achieving a clear cut bevelling result. Here, in BAB, the results are much more straightforward and easy to achieve. Meshmachine is a great tool but it for other, mainly, purposes (so as it is now at least).

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Ilya, is the ‘custom edge’ feature working in the latest release? Is it still somewhere in the ‘edit’ mode toolshelves? I am not finding it.