WIP: Bird-like predator -now texturing-

Hi all, here is a nice animal. Maybe nobody wants to meet it, but it’s surely interesting. I’m planning to add some hair on it in the future.

Currently I’m modeling some details on it, and then I’ll texture and rig it.

C&C welcome.

well i like the concept alot, try splaying the toes more, the beak is interesting but it doesnt seem right. try fleshing out the model a bit more and giving more of a stance, a great start. keep posting, i like this alot.

ohh yeah… you have some crossing verts on the ears.

Overall, this is nice. However, the shape of the head is quite ugly. Also, it would look better with less bumps in various places - the tail and hip come to mind as obvious examples.


Thanks for replies.
I have made some details mainly on the head, so now it doesn’t
resemble bird’s beak. I’ll add teeth later.

And punkforg I’ll make some poses after texturing and rigging, I hope this stance is better to add bones.

I’ll post some more pics when finished detailig of the head.

Here are some renders with reworked head and tongue added.

Should I add some horns? Now the head is not interesting, it seem empty.

Add teeth, does not have to be big lol

I think he needs some small wings and big teeth. Otherwise he’s pretty good. He looks like a pretty newly discovered dinosaur. I’ve planned to do that dinosaur but do anyone know what it’s called?

needs a bigger tail to counterbalance that enourmous head, i think…

Here is some minor update. I have added lower teeth and refined mount.

Teeth are not too big, I don’t think it would fit in. Dukenukem155 was right about the size of teeth.

Robin: I didn’t want to make a dinosaur, I wanted to create an deadly animal, a mixture of birdish anatomy and look of some mammals (e.g wolf, or a horse). I’m not going to model wings or any other limbs.

traitor: As you can see on the side view, the body seems ballanced and it doesn’t need bigger tail.

looks cool. teeth are too even though. you want them to say “predator” instead of “comb”. but yes, not too big.

i do agree with traitor, maybe make the tail a little bigger or move the position of the “shoulders” forward a bit.

The body is not in stance, the legs are straighten, so this will change after rigging and posing.

There is something that is missing, I think. But I’m not sure what. It looks like if he would stumble and fall he would be screwed.

Ok, here is an update. Finally I unwrapped it and now I working on textures. Also hairy tail was added.

After a long break, I have finished this dangerous raptor. The texturing was the hardest part of it, but now it is done. The model is not fully rigged, but for some static poses it is just fine. Now I plan to include it to a complex scene into the background. I know, the skin shader is not the best one, so I will welcome ideas for improvement.

This last two render are Blender internal, with few samples, just a test for outdoor lightning.

I think he looks very good. Only thing to critisize is that he’s too clean. Haven’t he been running in the jungle and tripped some times, so he would get dirty? I’m pretty sure he have.

Good, but some uneven colorization of the skin could improve the appearence, IMO.