[WIP} BlackPearl

Need some suggestions …

I think subsurf, sails and textures are all you need. You’ve got a great model here.

It’s hard to suggest anything unless you tell what the model is for and what you’re willing to change.

The front of the ship looks quite unfinished and oddly designed though. It wouldn’t cut through the waves at all, but I guess that part is unfinished.

Thanks man…

I’ll make hem finished soon… It is still under progress… Any improvements has to be made???

Well I’d make the front sharper, more streamlined, at least.

Are you going to do the interior?

No I’m not goin2interior

No I’m not goin2interior

@Kramon: No i’m not…

Here we go

No I’m not

@Ben: here it is ok??


I’m looking forward to seeing the bowsprit and some rigging. Also I think there should be some stuff on the deck, coils of rope, maybe a barrel or a box… something.

I like it.

It’s a lot better yes, maybe it could be a bit longer, but that’s just my opinion. Looks nice! :slight_smile:

I have to agree Ben. Hawaii Magazine has a picture of the Black Pearl in drydock that shows the bow well. (higher resolution)

It might be camera angle blendermad, but the rendered models bow doesn’t look the same as the real thing.