WIP - Buggy

(Zion3D) #1

Here’s a little something I’ve made this evening.

Do you like the buggy, or is it buggy? :stuck_out_tongue:


(Goo) #2

Very nice modeling. I’m not quite sure what it is though…


(Zion3D) #3

Here’s the same buggy, but now kinda toony.


(kaktuswasse) #4

Hey, very cool modelling! The first one looks a bit like it is made
of wood.

cya henrik

(blengine) #5

its great! i really dont like the wheels though :-? it looks kind of like u just wanted the project over with so u threw in a few sphere like wheels??
everything else is beautifully done =D great lighting in the first one too

(hannibar) #6

I really like the lighting in the first pic (although it wouldn’t hurt if the shadows were a little softer)
The modelling is great too!

(Zion3D) #7

WOW! What a great responses from you guys, since I’ve worked on it for 1 evening.

And the wheels are supposed to be like this, because its a buggy, so it can “scoop” the sand a bit to get forward faster. Saw it once on Discovery Channel.

(wavk) #8

Wow :smiley: Great seventies style front you got there!

Have fun,


(Millhouse) #9

If anyone has the Gorrilaz album look at teh cover then look at the buggy!