WIP cabin

hello guys here is a cabin ive been working on , im thinking about putting it in a forest,

what do u think about it so far ?


Ground texture needs serious work. You should probably use an HDR for this to get a less flat looking image. Take a look at this article by Greg Zaal. You might want to add some plants because the image is quite empty currently. judging by the style of the house, I feel like you need to add a ton of tree’s around it.

Hey tardis, well as i Said im going to make an enviroment right now its Only the Cabin that i was hoping for crituqe on :slight_smile:

Sorry, usually I just go ahead and critique the entire image. I think I see a seam in the roof. The posts have some weird stretching in them. Otherwise it looks pretty good. Did you look at any reference while making this?

:slight_smile: ye the post Got a texture rapted around them , there is room for improvment , yes the roof is using a displacement map and the texture isent unfortunatly seamless. In thinking about Making the roof by hand thou and not faking it ! But it is a wip so gonna be fun to take it further, THx for the replays :slight_smile:

And yes i Googled Cabin in the Woods. I think u can find My reference there :slight_smile:

You might also want to take a look at some of the CG cabin in the woods images. Andrew Price made one that would be extremely hard to beat that looks awesome. Jonathan Lampel also made one that is pretty cool but a step down. You can find Andrew’s in the archetecture acadamy trailer (the new one), and Jonathan’s in his demoreel on his youtube channel BlenderHD, or just look for his sketchbook, I think he put it in there.

I think that might be some good inspiration. And don’t give up because they are so good, try to make one of the same quality.