[wip] Cartoon kangaroo

(funkychild) #1

Modelled this in about 2.5 hours. Still needs a little bit of work before I animate him.


(Poju) #2

Nice, head is little odd tough

(rndrdbrian) #3

Looks good!

Go on! join the 10 sec club and submit it!

Look forward to seeing it animated!


(rav_bhara) #4


(bverlaan) #5

think it’s cool! :smiley:
wait to see it worked out!!!

(sten) #6

well…if you have stuff to do more on this model,
why bother post it in Finished Projects, when it should
be in Work in progress forum ?

(Poju) #7

I think that in march when this thread was started there was not wip forum.

Btw what happend to that gangaroo

(blengine) #8

hehe that looks great! he looks very buff, i love it…its sort of looks like neo! :wink:

(sten) #9

ohh…I didn’t notice the date !!! :o