WIP: character: woolly jersey girl (MULTIPLE UPDATES)


I like schoolgirls, especially catholic ones.

Cool. Why a screenshot instead of a pic though??

Nice work.


Lazyness? I do like that sometimes…

Sebastian: spot on mate :smiley:

update #1


working on the details, i hid the hair for this one.

nothing? is it bad?

perhaps i shall flag it and start something different…

well screw you all, i’m going ahead with it anyway


I’d like to see a wireframe please :stuck_out_tongue:

can you make her doing like a really sexy pose for us.

maybe add a bit of a body and stuff :stuck_out_tongue: (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

good work bro


good start.


okay, update #4

i worked on her nose (finally listened to you, @ndy), forehead and neck.

disregard baldness and collar so far

i also changed the composition and added a far better background.


she needs more hair… especially on the back of the head. otherwise it doesnt look too human imo
good job on everything else though 8)

This is progressing very nicely. Great work.

I think you need to add some more tones to her skin colour though. She seems very washed out right now.


agreed, that’s the next step, put some more colours into her skin, and sort out lighting.

any suggestions for lighting the skin rightly?

at the moment, its a sort of global illumination, i want a pretty obvious light direction going on.

Looks pretty nice, reminds me of one of my first drawings I made in PSP7, it was kinda similar silhuette, but it featured a PunkRock girl.

real nice dude!

for the lighting I would suggest to have her looking toward the light position
…so the light would come from top left.

I think it would give a nice mood…well it’s my opinion…anyway keep it up!

okay, update!

i completely changed the hair style, thanks heaps to chainjane (from cgtalk).

EDITED heres the image, screw bandwidth.


Awesome update traitor. I really like the progress on this.


I like how her skin looks soft yet firmly stretched over her cheek. The well-defined features and the smooth skin certainly suggests her youth, but her eyelids are a bit too dark – they make her look ill.
I’d say the head position is pretty good, and the hair by itself is good. However, the two do not work well together. I get the sense that you’re trying to expose her features to us, but the way her hair is blowing on the other side of her head does not match the strands on the side we can see. In addition, the movement is too straight; hair acts as like a collection of separate strands when it moves.

You made the neck al lot slimmer, thats a big improvement. The hair in the previous pics had a receiding hairline. As far is the lighting goes, give it a dominant light like a sun its very uniform now.

Good work by the way :wink: