WIP Cloth Simulation [update I: Blend uploaded]

I was curious about cloth simulation, so I grabbed some resources and dug in. This iteration of my cloth simulation is in python, but I plan to have a future iteration in c++ for speed.

I think this is about as far as this iteration will get. The whole system seems to be working oddly, and I am not sure where the possible problems are. I plan to do more research in cloth simulation techniques and get started on a second iteration.

But for now, I have to return to my school work, as I have been avoiding it to work on this.

The simulation in action:

I am glad to answer any questions. If there is an interest in it, I will probably clean up my blend file and upload a demo blend.

I have uploaded the blend to pasteall.org. This means it is in a temporary location, but should be there for a few months.
The link:http://pasteall.org/blend/3082

wow, bravo, yes yes, a .blend would be a saver for most ppl making games Person based (ppl do need there cloths). Nice job.

Awesome work!

realy nice and a .blend would be welcome XD

Alright, I will get to work cleaning up the blend. It has a few other tests in it. I think I will also need to write up a little read me.

Updated with blend upload.

Forgot to mention, I have rotation controls set to AKEY and DKEY. If you want to use them just be warned, the system doesn’t handle rotations properly. I never got around to make it work properly with rotations, since I want to build a new system from scratch with more research.