WIP- Compositing Animation

Now how about that one?


I readjusted the balls thingy… the first version can be found via http://www.dm7.net/compdivx.avi

:slight_smile: Comments?

Oh… for you who can’t view this divx codec animation can view the alternate format… http://www.dm7.net/comp.mpeg :slight_smile: (sorry don’t have one for my first version… it’s of the second and current version).

nice job! alot better movements… the ball coming towards the camera looks like it floats after it gets hit though, but no biggy, great comp
i really like the thing(ship??) flying around, its pretty neat 8)

Very VERY nice work man!!! I’v been trying to learn compositing in Blender the last few days, found a decent tut at blenderwars.com, but im still working on it!!! :wink:
Anywayz, keep up the good work!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

The physics on the balls definately makes it look MUCH more realistic IMO… very cool how the ball bounces off the door!!!

ty for all of our comments, I guess I’ll make it a final compositing animation and ready to be emailed to WeirdHat :slight_smile: Unless you want to say something? :slight_smile:


the animation looks awesome! some of the best i’ve seen so far. gotta love glowy things and particles :slight_smile:

Umm… did I hear “female.” And why did you have to cough when you say that? :wink: J/K. :slight_smile:

Ty, I’ll render it tonight hopefully with the motion blur on and everything… :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s neat. You actually had the ball shoot from behind something in the background. Most compositing works I’ve seen seem to take great care not to make anything go “behind” anything in the original background.
Good work!


Whoops! Sorry for the lame comment. I didn’t know a thing about the compositing contest.
Still a terrific animation though!


Ha ha ha, that’s ok. Thank you very much for your comment… even though you think its lame. :slight_smile: