WIP Elefant

In order to get a bit more familiar with the brushes in connection with alphas within blender i tried to create an elefant. It’s not a certain species i guess as i kind of mixed reference images in the making. Needs hair etc. WIP.
CC welcome.

great elephant. Is it high poly? I would love to see a mammoth next to it

Thanks. Yes it is … Multires on Lvl 3. A mammoth would be great and probably a lot hairier :slight_smile:

very nice elephant… with hair it would look very real…

He’ll get a few :slight_smile:

nice model. very wrinkly.

Very good indeed!

You should add more wrinkles near the edges:

Also, your image looks a bit blurry near the hind legs.

Keep at it!

Very nice work, I like your sculpting so far

Thanks for your comments guys. The ears indeed appear a bit flat compared to real elephant ears :slight_smile: I’ll take care of it. It’s nice to have a different point of view…