[WIP] F1 Challenge (updated)

well, thanx…but, uh, this is hardly the right thread to post this in…right?
sabotaging other people’s threads is bad.

LOl and you are saying that?? OMG you really have a big problem…because you are always sabotaging other post t osay to other people that they don,t know how to write or something like this…

anyway: Good job on the modelling. I liek the simplicity of it. But as someone else said, maybe you could put a stripe in the middle of the car…and put the #1 on the side :wink:
And the inside of the wheel look a bit funny…I mean I think it’s enough solid to keep the wheel there when goign at 300km/h :wink:

Anyway keep up working it’s becoming great!

Thanks for your comments, I’m gonna change the number 1 today, that was planned !! :slight_smile:

I’m also adding some air entries on the body, and details …

And yes, the wheels are solid enought !! :smiley:


I’ve changed the color for testing, trying something more agressive !!



C & C ?

image don’t show :frowning:

Hum strange, i’m seeing it online ? Anyway direct link (the same)

Image don’t show here either.
try flushing your cache and then load the image in your browser again.

Hum seems my domain was ‘gone’ for a few moments !! :wink:

Should be alright now, can someone confirm ?

na sorry…still not working.

Maybe delete de file from your webspace and reload it.

Be sure that capital letter are ok…

Seems a DNS problem on some providers cause i’ve use the W3C validator and it worked they saw my site, doing :



Strange, hum …

Hi all, can someone confirm that he is seeing the images ? :-?


I can see it no problem. I like the red colour you have now.

Now you need to work on the tires and wheels some more. Lacking some details there.

Good stuff so far!


It’s gonna be this week end task !! :smiley:

Finally I’ve found some time to work on it again !!

Details have been added, worked on the Tires, Wheels, cockpit, reflections …

Advices ?


It’s better
I like the wheels, but the tires need more work.
Will you make an environement ?

very nice, I like the cartoon style…
there’s something funny about how it flattens on it’s way to the end… I dont know… maybe it’s just the angle…
oh, and chrome on the wheels.


Latest version, it is FINAL, even if there is probably a lot of things to do, please enjoy :