WIP: first model ever - Shark

Hi, I’ve been interested in 3d modelling and animation for a while now. I usually get started trying to learn it, and then get distracted with “life”. I was using 3DS max, but after much thought I have switched over to Blender. A. because I like to support open source software. B. Because I can’t afford a license for 3DS max currently C. I really like Blender now that I have used it some.

I’ve been messing about the past few days watching youtube tutorials and some from other sites. I’ve made a few things following tutorials. This is the first thing I have tried to do on my own without help.

Its not done yet, and I am not sure how to do the mouth/eyes just yet… but maybe you experts can tell me how I am doing for a complete beginner.

Nice modeling :slight_smile:
he is a pudgy shark.
maybe make his pectoral fins a little bigger

wow that’s really good for a first model :smiley:
my first was a rounded cube with a nice texture :cool: lol

I don’t know if this was intended but, it looks like the base of the tail is a little skinny
and the body a little wide :slight_smile:
but like i said, maybe you ment it that way?

and what method did you use to model it?

I used a side view reference image of a shark I found on google images.

I just kind of guessed on the “top” anatomy from looking at other top view pictures of other sharks.

I modelled the whole shark with a cube, using extrudes and added a subsurf modifier to smooth it out.

nice, nice :slight_smile:
I love the extrude+subsurfing combo
I’m assuming you havn’t smothed it out because your not finished with modelling it?

Ok, I did some more tweaking… because I agree with the “pudgy” comments…

hopefully this looks better… I also extended his fins, and top fin some after looking at some more reference pictures.

and here is another render, with setsmooth on

MUCH less pudgy :smiley:
I want to say that he’s a little bit square but after looking at some pictures I realised that they do actuelly have rather right angled point between their underbelly and…the rest lol
but i still maintain that the top should be rounder

I keep posting on this thread:confused:
I hope your not finding my crits TO annoying;)

and it’s REALLY nice when it’s smoothed
AND if i’m not mistakened the lighting improved to, nice job there

just for a suggestion how to do the mouth and the eyes i would suggest extruding the shape of the mouth in and then the shape of the eyes out, after that you can add more loop cuts using Ctrl-R and then if you have to select them again use Alt-right click after you have gotten in that far you move and scale the loops give it the right kind of definition, ask if you have any other questions

Nice, starting to resemble a tiger shark. :slight_smile:

I tried to do the mouth using some of the tips given… not sure how good it turned out. I kind of just messed around with extruding and loop cuts until I got something that resembled a sharks mouth…

but what about those chompers?

anyone got any ideas on how to do the mouth better, and the teeth?

here’s the mesh. I’ve tried every which way I can think of to make his mouth.

I’ve extruded, used loop cuts, and I can’t succeed.

Wondering if I should just remodel the whole thing… in a different method or something.

select the vertices where the mouth should be, and press “V”

Just a few tips to make it look more…correct.
I hope this is clear enough.
Oh and i include a picture of the first model i ever did!


Thanks noweeds… I’ll go back and try to make some adjustments…

on that note… I tried to work on the mouth a bit…

I originally wanted to have teeth modelled so I could animate the mouth as well as the body… but for someone who has only used blender for a week… that might be a little out of my skill level at this point.

I haven’t made the adjustments you suggested yet… but here’s the mouth…

also, now that I am looking at it from the side… he does look a little “boxy” whats the best way to go about rounding him up a bit?

(ps removed mesh image due to size)

thats a nice looking shark you have there… very good!

azmyth: there are some strange deformations near the tail, unless they are supposed to be the fins? :confused: its a little hard to tell from the angle

yeah, they are supposed to be fins… I gotta make some adjustments to them.

How’s the mouth? ok, not so ok?

the mouth is pretty good. how did u make it?

I used some edge loops, and extrudes.

I think I am gonna work on some more tutorials and lessons before I start trying to do more… I’ve been noodling with other projects all night and not doing so hot.

I’m following along with this free online class I found here…